21st Feb International Mother Language Day


21st Feb could be a standout amongst the foremost vital days in Bengali schedule. it’s “Global Mother Language Day”. Spreading over back to the history, on twenty first Feb, 1952 (8 Falgun 1359 – because it compares to the Bengali schedule), the police weapons of East Pakistan’ drive went slam into a parade of understudies, during this manner murdering four of them, World Health Organization embarked on with letter of invitation to line up Bengali because the official non-standard speech. This was an incident that happened in Dhaka, once the across the country transformation prompted acknowledgment of Bengali as a political candidate non-standard speech of Pakistan. Yet, it absolutely was not till seventeenth Gregorian calendar month 1999 that United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization pronounced the day “21st February” to be the International Mother Language Day.

At AN open meeting on twenty one March, 1948, the governor of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali national leader, proclaimed that there may be no non-standard speech, aside from Urdu to be used because the national non-standard speech for each East and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. people of Bangladesh – whose basic non-standard speech was Bengali – propelled a real dissent against this. a locality wide strike was mixed up by the understudies in such manner in AN understudy meeting on twenty first Feb. the govt. conjured Section one hundred forty four merely the sooner day. The understudies proceeded with the strike, but with a consent to proceed with their dissent while not regardless the legitimate authoritative of Section one hundred forty four. And, once its all aforementioned and done the police showered slugs on the understudies and therefore the region saw blood pool. The day twenty first Feb all over up plainly a standout amongst the foremost noteworthy days in Bengali schedule.

With a dream to advance the social various qualities and additionally multilingualism (etymological differing qualities), each year the half conditions of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization and at its central station watch “21st February” because the International Mother Language Day. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization goes for the advancement of the fullest attentiveness of linguistics custom, furthermore as of social convention round the world. inform “to rouse the commonness in sight of comprehension, resilience and exchange” United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization place exceptional incentive to International Mother Language Day.

In the remembrance of the wretched destruction of these honest understudies, the day is universally seen as AN exceptionally large day within the history – significantly for the final population World Health Organization area unit known with non-standard speech and coaching. each year on the International Mother Language Day (21st February), the Linguapax Institute, that could be a non-legislative body in urban center, Spain, grant The Linguapax Prize “to etymologists, specialists, educators and people from the common society in affirmation of their extraordinary add the sphere linguistics differing qualities and to boot polyglot instruction.” the choice for the honour champs is often submitted within the time of Gregorian calendar month of merely the sooner year. The Linguapax Prize was granted while not precedent for the year 2002 and once each year from that time. From 2002 – 2004 (the initial 3 year), the Linguapax Prize had been granted to 2 individuals each year. In any case, it absolutely was since the year 2005 that simply one individual has been looked as if it would be granted Linguapax Prize each year.

It is procurable this specific day (International Mother Language Day – twenty first February) each year that United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization kinds out connected occasions at its headquarters in Paris. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization sets up a selected subject for the International Mother Language Day to carry the occasions each year. Dialects, being AN intense equipment to shield and build up the clear and impalpable heritage of man, area unit at the center of their destinations.

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